When my husband and I found out that we were expecting our third child, we already knew that we didn’t want a repeat of our first two labor and deliveries. Our experience in the hospital was so cold, rushed, impersonal, uncomfortable and just plain ol’ unnatural. I believe birth be warm, beautiful, calming and peaceful. A mother laboring should be surrounded by love and reassurance, that’s not how you feel in a chilly, bright hospital surrounded by strangers that honestly could care less about a mother and baby, especially her extended family. Kathya not only helped give me my dream birth, but she made it a point to make my whole pregnancy a loving and comfortable experience which I will always remember. From the beginning, Kathya put every worry I had to rest, she was so educated and experienced, really providing us with an array of information about home birth and pregnancy. She was very thorough, especially when we found out that I was iron deficient, she really went above and beyond to get me physically prepared and healthy enough to have our baby at home. Kat answers any and all questions I had, even if it was via text in the middle of the night! She is funny, personable and quickly became part of the family, my children always loved her visits and because they were in the comfort of our own home they were always able to be involved in the process. Lord knows there were a few prenatal visits (especially during the last couple of months) I was still in my pajamas! The day of my labor was an intense day for all of us but it went very smooth. Kat was like a baby delivering machine, she knew exactly what needed to be done and when. My husband and I always felt safe and most importantly, I knew my baby was safe and when you’re welcoming a new life into the world, feeling safe is a very import feeling. Having a natural home birth made me feel so strong and empowered, it gave me a real respect not just for women who birth naturally all around the world but for myself. Thank you to Kat and Margo (who assisted her in our beautiful experience) I will always have you as a friend and I can’t wait to welcome more babies into our family with you by our side! Robyn, Ethan, and Jacob Goldrick
How birth should be!
Baby Jacob G. born on 01/14/2013
The first thing I remember saying to my husband when we had our consultation was , ” wow, she really knows her stuff”, and yes, we could tell from that almost 2 hrs consult that Kathya was THE ONE! From the beginning I was amazed at how easy it was to talk to her, she informs you, gives you choices and I can assure you, you will even forget you’re talking to your health provider. We had a pretty uneventful pregnancy and my biggest fear was that she wouldn’t make it to the birth ( I had a super fast birth with my second son), well, labor day, I called her and she was home in about 15 minutes, ready to rock it and about an hour and a half later our son Dylan was born into Kathya’s hands and it couldn’t have been more perfect. She made our long waited and dreamed waterbirth possible, she gave us strength during the final pushes and her knowledge gave me the peace I needed. The care that we both received from her has been OUTSTANDING, she always went out of her way to make sure we were ok , we’re actually sad now that our 6 week appointment is coming knowing that we will not get to see her on a regular basis, but we know that we made a friend along the way and that she will always be part of our lives. I will recommend you to anybody and everybody without a doubt … Thanks for everything!-Mary Mujica, Dylan’s Mommy
Kathya is THE ONE!
Baby Dylan born on 02/11/2013
Waterbirth in Las Vegas
I want to thank you, Kat, for all that you have done for me and my family. You have made my pregnancy and delivery the best that I could have had. I appreciate the advice and care you have given me during my pregnancy. I loved coming to the prenatal visits,as well as the postpartum visits, cause not only were you professional, loving, hospitable and friendly, you care about the people you help, and you love what you do. I am so blessed to have had you as my midwife. I will be having you as my midwife for the next pregnancy and the ones that follow. For my first child, and not knowing what to expect, you made my dreams of delivery come true. My labor, though painful and intense, was peaceful and exciting and I am grateful to you for that. You caused no stress or discomfort during labor, instead, you were inspirational and encouraging, and you gave me confidence and told me what to do when I didn’t know, with such comfort and guidance, that I am, to this day, still thankful. Thank you for taking such good care of me and my baby girl afterwards. The price of your service was very reasonable and worth every dime. Thanks a million. I am blessed to know you. You are awesome!! <3 Love Julia, Isaiah and baby girl, Esther Tucker. P.S. I highly recommend you to any mother-to-be out there. You never neglected to answer a phone call, or show me ways to better care for my child, and you always had a smile on your face when I would visit! You are like family to me and I am excited to do it all over again soon!! I would rate your service, 5 stars!! :)
A big thanks and rated 5 star service
Baby Esther born on 01/24/2012
Waterbirth in Las Vegas
After watching several documentaries about hospitals wanting to do c-sections or force c-sections I decide to go with a home birth. I had research a lot of midwives, but the first few I had talked to had their own agenda. I met Kat and she is awesome and believed in me even though a lot of my friends were like why babies are “supposed” to be born in the hospital, what if something goes wrong (when it happens we would deal with it then) bottom line Kat is an awesome midwife and she is very knowledgeable she loves babies and she believes in the midwifery even though I disagree with her on some stuff I plan on having 2 more babies and I plan to have home births for both of them and will defiantly choose Kathya again.
Awesome, Knowledgable Midwife
Baby Zelda born on 09/14/2012
Homebirth in Las Vegas
As a first time father I didn’t quite know what to expect when we decided to have our son at home. I felt like I had no reference point (Children are always born in hospitals on TV right? Haha). And as the experience proceeded to move forward, somewhat independent of me I met Kathya. The thing about Kathya that I liked most was how she seems to have married her knowledge of Midwifery (which is extensive) and her honest love of children and the birthing process. I found her to be thoughtful and sincere. I was also pleasantly surprised at how open she was. I feel she really nurtures the relationship between mother and midwife in her ability to hear different ideas and even opposing viewpoints (within reason. Don’t ask her if it’s o.k. to soak in a hot tub for a few hours and expect her to say yes.). I quickly learned and found comfort in the fact that she would be there for my wife and son and wouldn’t hesitate to help inform us, hear us, separate fact from fiction with us and on many an occasion laugh with us. I found her to be courteous and respectful and I couldn’t give her a more glowing recommendation. I now consider her a friend and I hope to someday introduce my son to the wonderful person that saw him take his first breaths.-Kenneth Welcome, Hudson’s Daddy
Really nurtures the relationship between mother and midwife
Baby Hudson born on 06/26/2012