Kathya is an incredible midwife! She is extremely knowledgable and was always available to answer my questions. She spent 3 hours with my partner and I at our consultation and we knew right away that she was the perfect fit. The fact that she does in-home prenatal visits was such a blessing as we only have one car and my partner works all day. I felt completely at ease in her hands and she made it a point to always make me feel comfortable and relaxed. In addition to providing top-notch prenatal care, she took lots of time to discuss nutrition and exercise with me to make sure I was taking good care of myself. She was never judgmental and was so understanding when I would freak out (as first time moms often do!) All of our wishes were completely respected and when it came time to give birth her gentle but firm attitude was so reassuring as I brought my daughter into the world. My daughter did breathe in some meconium during birth which could have been very scary but Kathya stayed so calm and handled the situation expertly. My daughter is 3 months old and completely healthy and happy! Kathya is funny, kind, and incredibly smart. She is a fantastic midwife and she has become a great friend. I definitely recommend Kathya for all your home-birthing needs!
She is a fantastic midwife and she has become a great friend.
Amanda A., 2015
Homebirth in Las Vegas
This is my second time under Kathya and she was wonderful. Kathya knew everyone in the family, knew where everything was, and everything just came natural. This time I struggled with anemia issues again from the beginning of my pregnancy. Kathya helped with natural medicine to raise it. My labor went so well because of it. The morning of the birth, my tub was inflated a few nights before without water as we were told to keep the filling of the tub right when I was going into labor to keep warm. I started having some heavy cramping at around 8am but still went on my morning like normal. I started to time them and monitor the intensity of them. I have very fast births and knew I had to let Kat know early this time so she could make it to the birth. I felt my cramps get harder and more painful so I let Kat know at around 9:30ish. She rushed over arriving at around 10am just in time to set up her equipment and had my husband start filling up the tub. I labored on an exercise ball for a bit and she asked me to get into the tub as it was filling up. I was kneeling in the water as I felt the strong urge and before the tub could fill up anymore than a few inches out comes a surprise BABY GIRL at 10:30am! Kat was able to instruct me to reach down and grab my baby while she assisted. She got me out of the tub just as planned when we were ready, laid me down and started monitoring baby and I as my family arrived just a little late for the actual birth of Gracie. We bonded with our baby and family uninterrupted. I’m so glad we had Kat again as our midwife and wouldn’t ask anyone else to be our midwife for any future births. Kat has become family and we go to her for everything! She is so knowledgeable in almost anything and we love her!
2nd time under Kathya’s loving midwifery care
Baby Grace A. born on 04/27/2014
We loved having Kathya as our midwife! This was our first home birth, and what an amazing experience! Although I always knew I didn’t want a repeat of my last birth at a hospital, I still had some fears and concerns, but Kat really made me feel strong and put every worry of mine to rest. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and answered all of our questions (believe me, there were many!), but she was always so respectful of our opinions and has the warmest heart! If I needed her, she would be there day or night, no question. Another plus to the home birth experience was the in-home visits. Can I just say, LOVE!!! I work from home and have a little one. I never had to feel stressed about waiting all day in an office. And every visit from Kat was never rushed! She is so funny and personable, and would explain everything she was doing in the visit. She was so great with my son too when he wanted to be part of the experience. During my labor, she and my doula gave me the strength I needed to get me through those last few moments before I got to hold my son in my arms! She helped me get the water birth that I envisioned! Even though it was a long night, she made sure my son and I were okay before heading home to her own family….so selfless! With her help, my birth experience was as beautiful, intimate and powerful and I had envisioned. I recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone considering a midwife! My home birth was the most empowering experience of my life.
Warm, caring and knowledgeable…she is everything you will want in an midwife!!
Baby Owen born on 03/10/2013
Homebirth in Las Vegas
It was great having Kathya as our midwife! My husband is a big time all natural, home remedy “geek” and was very nice meeting someone on the same page. Every prenatal, post-natal treatment was done using all natural herbs/treatments. Kathya was great during prenatals, home visits were so much better than going to a cold hospital setting to be checked. It was a more personable and enjoyable experience. During prenatals she got used to our home and our children and was no longer just a stranger to my family, plus my first son loved playing around with her equipment all the time! Although my birth was too fast and Kat did not make it to the birth, her Assistant Margo was an amazing help when I birthed my baby in the birthing pool. Kat made it 10 minutes after and helped me recover and get comfortable in bed, checked the baby and I to make sure everything was ok before leaving. She even came the following day to help me take a shower! I did have several issues after my birth, one of them was having a high fever in which we first turned to God and then turned to Kat for some advise. I took the treatment and it saved my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better home birth experience, thank you Kathya!-Roselind Culliver and Family
First midwifery experience and would never go back to having a baby in the hospital
Baby Israel Azariah born on 09/27/2012
Homebirth Las Vegas
Kathya taught us so much. She loves helping families have the birth they want. She always spent the time we needed. I have had three home births and one birth in a birth center. I have never felt better after a birth. I felt so strong and Moriah is so healthy and strong. We loved our experience with Kathy. I was able to have the water birth I wanted. If you or a loved one wants to have a safe wonderful home birth you need Kathya.-Rachel Duron and Family
Best Midwife!
Baby Moriah born on 08/29/2012
Waterbirth in Las Vegas