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Curious about what to expect when you choose Kathya as your midwife? Read the testimonials below from some of the famalies she has worked with over the years.
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Kathya was fabulous! She was always quick to give me ideas and advice whenever I asked throughout my pregnancy. I had way too many contractions way too early and was on "light duty" for more than half of my pregnancy. Kathya was a great support in helping me find ways to calm my contractions before they became early labor. She was a shoulder to cry on and a supporting friend when my personal life went awry during my pregnancy. She still answers questions for me about what is and isn't safe for me to do while I'm breast feeding. When I went into labor, she was across town at my house in 30 minutes. She was a great support during labor and her assistant, Margo, was kind enough to take some pictures during and after labor so that we had those precious memories.

Kathya cares so much and she is such a great support and resource. I recommend her to anyone that is even considering a home birth. Her prenatal care, and postnatal care are awesome! I couldn't have asked for more.

Thank you, Kathya, for trusting me to trust my body!

Thank you, Kathya, for trusting me to trust my body
Monica E., 2014
Homebirth in Las Vegas

When I found out I was pregnant, I was all about having an OBGYN, hospital birth, all the drugs I could get my hands on, etc. I didn't think about how it would affect my baby, I just didn't want to feel pain. After I got further along in the pregnancy I started doing more research on natural childbirth vs medical intervention. I decided I wanted to do a natural water birth but my OBGYN said "I don't do those..."!

I was determined, I started googling "water birth in Las Vegas" and I found Kathya. My husband and I were very skeptical about a home birth at first but thought, let's just do this complimentary consultation with Kathya and get some questions answered. Not only did Kat have answers to all our questions, she gave us tools, resources, studies & documentaries to get more information before we made our decision.

After we did a little more research on our own, we decided to have a home birth! Kat was amazing from day 1! We connected immediately and I knew - this is the woman I want to have around when I'm in labor! During my pregnancy, she came to my house and spent as much time as I needed answering questions, getting to know me AND my baby and building a relationship! No OBGYN will spend that much time getting to know his patients! Hiring Kat was one of the best decisions I've ever made and because of it, I had the most amazing birth experience! I never thought something could be so beautiful. For our second child, we will definitely be calling Kat up again :)

I had the most amazing birth experience
Breiana H., 2015
Homebirth in Las Vegas

Kat was an amazing asset in the success of my second HBAC. Under her direction and recommendation, I added a hypnotherapy massage doula and chiropractor to my home birth team. She also supplied my birth pool, and the extra hands to set it up and tear it down.

When the time came to give birth, I felt so incredibly supported, all I had to focus on was bringing my precious baby into this world. I would definitely recommend Kat to anyone considering a home birth :-)

I felt so incredibly supported
Sam G., 2015
HBAC homebirth in Las Vegas
Kathya was great throughout our entire pregnancy. She was super attentive, professional, kind and knowledgable. I didn't have a question she couldn't answer. Our baby girl is 2 months, happy and healthy. Thank you so much, Kathya!
Attentive, professional, kind and knowledgable
Kristin C., 2015
Homebirth in Las Vegas

Kathya was absolutely amazing! Being that this was my first child I was a little nervous about having her at home, especially after my family told me I was nuts. Kat made me feel 100% safe and comfortable. She answered every question I had without hesitation no mater how ridiculous I thought they were. She gave us tons of information about the process to help my husband and I better understand what to expect.

Throughout my pregnancy she got to know us (including little Lillian) and build a friendship. When I started to go into labor she helped me keep calm and helped me through the contractions. Our birth couldn't have gone better. We will definitely use Kat for the birth of our 2nd child!

Our birth couldn’t have gone better.
Karly G., 2015 Homebirth in Las Vegas