What is your fee?

I use a sliding scale and take insurance as well.

What does that include?

All prenatals, birth, and postpartum visits, phone calls, or emails. Includes all assistant(s) I bring.

What other expenses may I have?

You will have to get a Birthing Kit which will include essentials for your birth and postpartum. You will also have to collect items from the Needs List. Some of the items from the needs list can be found at home, like a large bowl or towels, it is just nice to have them in one area the day of the birth. Lab fees and ultrasounds are also not included. If you would like a water birth the cost for that is explained below.

How many people can be at my birth?

As many people as you like. It’s your day. I myself will bring one additional person.

Will I get to meet this person?

Yes, of course. During prenatal care you will have the opportunity to meet my assisting midwife and get to know her.

Do you provide waterbirth services?

Yes. That is one of the most wonderful and relaxing tools that I can offer my clients!

Is there an additional fee for a tub rental?

I own a separate labor tub company so all you have to pay is the set up fee to the technician that does your set up and clean up the day of the birth. If you are on the fence there is no problem. You can decide the day you are in labor that you want one and it would be there promptly. The technicians fee is $200.

When do you suggest taking the baby to see a pediatrician?

I recommend that you start interviewing pediatricians while you are pregnant. It is really important to find someone you trust and have a relationship before your baby is born. I recommend taking your baby in the first few days of the babys life to greet the new pediatrician. If you choose a Chiropractor to be your holistic pediatrician an adjustment promptly after the baby is born is a wonderful start.

Do you have recommendations for pediatricians?

Absolutely! I know a few great providers here in town that can fit your families needs.
Dr. Shadia Koury at Chiropractic for Life is amazing! She can treat an array of ailments and provide a wonderful addition to good prenatal and postpartum care for mom and baby.

Dr. Marlon Mendoza at Foothills Pediatrics listens to his patients and is respectful of parents choices. He is incredibly wise and always insightful and does not run to his prescription pad to solve all problems.

Dr. Naomi Richman, OMD with Bee Well Kidz provides holistic pediatric care and acupuncture. She is friendly, knowledgeable and great with kids.

How can I schedule a consult?

Feel free to call me at (702) 469-1866, or use the online contact form. I do my consults in home and I offer flexible times. I will book out 2 hours of my time to make sure all your questions are answered.

How do I access my records and information?

When you choose Midwife Las Vegas, all of your records and information regarding your pregnancy will be at your fingertips. We utilize a convenient and secure portal, Maternity Neighborhood to share records, send secure messages and more. Please login here.