More and more families are choosing to birth in the safety of their own homes. They educate themselves and want to be active participants in the decisions and entire birth process. These people decide NOT to take a risk in going to the hospital. I have heard from many parents who choose homebirth that people call them “brave” for birthing at home, but I truly think the people who choose to birth in our local hospitals are, indeed, the ones taking the risk. The BMJ, in their June 18, 2005 issue, published “Outcomes of planned home births with Certified Professional Midwives: large prospective study in North America.” Read the full paper…


Hospital birthing have higher rates of:
Vacuum extraction
Caesarean section
Maternal Death
Fetal Death

The above are just a few of the many interventions possible in a hospital. Most of the interventions lead to other interventions. Just walking through the doors of a hospital almost doubles the chances of a Caesarean. There are very few OB/GYN’s that are wonderful and would like to provide a natural birth in a hospital, but unfortunately when you hire them you hire the whole hospital staff that comes with them and they are the ones who are with you during the majority of your labor. These doctors also have to follow hospital policy that rules everything from how you will labor to if you will be allowed to be with your baby once its born or if they have a mandatory “observation period” (usually 3 hours).

In homebirths attended by CPMs the rates of interventions were substantially lower than for low risk US women having hospital births. The intrapartum and neonatal mortality among women considered at low risk at start of labour, excluding deaths concerning life threatening congenital anomalies, was 1.7 deaths per 1000 planned home births, similar to risks in other studies of low risk home and hospital births in North America. No mothers died. No discrepancies were found for perinatal outcomes independently validated.