Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD

In addition to natural birth, I’m very passionate about natural care for children. I have two children in elementary school, and have heard my fair share about ADHD. Some people believe it’s a real medical condition. Some believe it’s due to environmental factors and can be treated by changes in diet and social setting. Regardless…



A Brief History Of Vaginal Cutting During Childbirth

Episiotomy. I cringe at the word. In my midwifery practice, I understand birthing takes time. I use non-invasive methods and lots of patience while the baby makes it’s way into the world. After 10 years of practicing midwifery in Las Vegas – I haven’t been in a situation where an episiotomy was needed. Ever. Luckily,…



Safe Kids Clark County

Safe Kids Clark County is a non-profit organization and is a part of Safe Kids Worldwide. During the month of July, they will be hosting 3 safety events at local hospitals. Bring your vehicle and car seat for a “safety checkup.” It’s absolutely free, but donations are accepted. As a midwife who sees many babies,…


Parents Sleeping In Bed With Newborn Baby

This Is Why Your Baby Doesn’t Sleep Through The Night

If you recently had a baby, you might be wondering – when will my baby begin sleeping through the night? There is no exact age – nor should there be. Embracing your babies natural sleep cycle (or lack thereof) is so important. Trust me, you’re not alone in the battle of restless nights and I…



10 Things Your Crying Baby Wants You To Know

I stumbled upon a great list from Belly Baby and thought I’d share. All babies cry, we know that. But why? There’s the obvious reasons, dirty diapers, hunger and tiredness. Sometimes it’s to feel safe, secure and just be in your arms. It’s not easy to always take a step back, stop stressing about the…


Breast milk is perfect baby food.

Another reason to love your body! Breast milk is perfect baby food. You can never buy this liquid gold. Read more about how breastfeeding benefits sleep and reducing colic in this study: Breastfeeding may improve nocturnal sleep and reduce infantile colic: potential role of breast milk melatonin. Their conclusion: Exclusive breastfeeding is associated with reduced…



The Time Magazine Cover Controversy

I’m sure you’ve seen it, this weeks cover of Time Magazine – and have heard a lot of controversy y from both angles. I recently found an article that sums up my  point of view – From Breasts to Boobs and Back Again. I especially like what he concludes: Since it’s such a personal thing,…