Now that you are pregnant there is so much to do! There are so much you will be learning along this journey and it is sometimes easy to miss some details. You must always have an open mind about birth. There are so many things that can happen that it is really important to be prepared.

Childbirth Education classes can be such a great and fun resource. You can be with other parents and release a lot of fears and misconceptions you had about your body and birth. I loved attending my classes with my partner during both my pregnancies.
The first time I took Hypnobirthing. It was so refreshing to be with people that were also going on this journey I was going through and to hear from other people that the process was normal. It made an amazing impression on my birth and really made a difference in the way I strongly birthed my baby.
The second time around even though I was already a midwife I took a refresher on my Hypnobirthing and the Birthing From Within series. It really brought out so much more from my heart and helped me bond even more with my partner than before. I knew what happened in my body, but this also helped me to prepare for the emotions that are involved in such a breath taking event.

Birth Supplies
There are some supplies you will need to order and other things that you may already have at home. There are two list: the Needs List and Birth Kit order form.

Water Birth
A wonderful tool for laboring moms. On my Lotus Flower Babies site I have more information and articles on the benefits.

One of the most essential tools! A doula mothers the mother. She is not there to take the place of Dad or another family member, but to meld the family together. Their services are usually unique for each family. They DO NOT make medical decisions for you, but remind you of your choices and stand by you no matter what you decide to do.
For my first and last birth I had the privilege of having two great doulas. The first was a wealth of information and stood by my side feeding me fruit and making sure I was hydrated. She was there for me after I had my baby at the hospital to help me nurse and to make sure I had adequate nutrition.
My second doula was the wonderful Allyson Butler. We met at a birth and I had a really good feeling about her. She came over to my home a few times during my pregnancy and had a really good bond with my daughter. Interview many privately until you find your match.

Birth Stories
I love to hear all of my clients concerns and address any issues that come up in depth to make sure I know exactly what they expect from me. I will never do any interventions without consulting parents first and explaining to them ALL of their options.
That being said I ask both parents for a personal birth story. They have to write them separately so we see what they envision unfolding at their birth. We go through them together and I try to understand things like whether dad would like to catch, what position mom would like to birth in, etc. I try my best to make that happen and remind mom and dad of milestones and things that they had wanted. If there are other siblings that are going to attend the birth I talk to them during the 36th week visit to see how involved they’d like to be, like putting the baby’s hat on, and always respect an open door policy for them.

Always remember that things can change at a moments notice and to be open to the process that is unfolding naturally.