I came to live in Las Vegas in 2005. When I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to change this cycle in my family so I Pregnant With Summerplanned a natural delivery and educated myself about the birthing process. I took a hospital childbirth education class but the information was incomplete and I was still very nervous and more confused about the actual birthing process. While I was on the hospital tour I was told where I would go and what I was suppose to do and I was even more uneasy. All I wanted was to have my “natural birth” and hoped that if other women could do it, so could I.

In March of 2006 I found a wonderful network in the Las Vegas community called Birth Year Network (BYN) and I was connected to a private Pregnant With Summerchildbirth education class where I learned a wealth of information. I highly recommend, if you have not already, plugging into BYN and getting educated so you can make informed decisions. I continued to make my birth plan, found a wonderful doctor that was on board with my plan, and was all ready to go! I had my mother fly into town to be with me and as she (and my little sister age 7 at the time) were on their way, I started my labor. I picked her up from the airport with the help of a friend. She noticed my belly contracting and wanted to rush me to the hospital, but I wanted to be home in water. I had her take me home, ate dinner, and jumped in the tub. I listened to my relaxation CD and floated. I was there for a few hours before I relented and had my mother take me to the hospital. I was sent home by the staff, because they did not believe I was in labor. They told me it would be a few days and that I was probaSummer's First Daybly just going through pre labor. We were back in two hours. This time my water had broken so they admitted me and I was off to the shower. I didn’t have the comfort of my tub while I was in the hospital and it made my labor a lot harder (now water birth is available in most hospitals, but not many doctors or hospital midwives include it in their practice). I had my mother there with my sister. My sister watched in awe as I brought Summer into the world naturally in a natural position. My mother cried. She told me later that being there healed her and Summers birth gave her a new hope for the women in our family.

After having this truly profound experience I knew that I needed to help others do the same. I wanted to help more families Summerheal and more babies to be born peacefully. I wanted to help more families have the tools and the information they need to accomplish this. I started to study under Jill Colin, CPM, to become a midwife and in the process found myself wanting to become more involved in natural birth. So I decided to become a labor tub technician while I trained to become a midwife through the National Association of Registered Midwives.