Meet Kathya Raebel, DEM

Family PhotoWhen Kathya is not catching babies she loves to spend time with her children learning to discover the world through their eyes, playing with her wonderful doggies Chewie and Thor, her kitty Milo, and just basically enjoying her happily ever after with her number one supporter and husband Adam. She loves yoga, bike riding, NPR’s Science Fridays and Splendid Table, experimenting in the kitchen and reading Tuesday New York Times science edition.

How she started in Midwifery

Before starting my journey to becoming a midwife I was in a Medical Magnet school in Yonkers, New York. I took various courses including, Diagnostic Cardiology, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and Medical Terminology. I also joined a specialty club that studied Diabetes. I did this all even before college and wanted to be involved the medical field, but never really found anything that I was really drawn to. I went on to take some courses in Westchester College in Vahalla, New York.

I eventually moved on and in 2004 decided to move to Las Vegas. I had an awakening when I went through my pregnancy with Summer and found my calling. What I had been setting my life up for without knowing. I met my Preceptors at a Birth Year Network meeting where I spoke on Summers birth at the hospital and was encouraged by them to attend a student midwives meeting. After the meeting and an interview with them I started my journey. I attended well women care, prenatals, births, and postpartum visits with both midwives while completing my studies and learning practical skills with them. In the last few months of my internship I did some office visits on my own and was proactive at births.

I had my evaluation with my Preceptors in October of 2008 and was approved to start taking clients during the last portion of my education. I work directly with her for my first 20 births as a primary. I was expecting my second child, Forest Benjamin, in March of 2009 so I continued to work in the office and started to do free workshops on the topic of Waterbirth and decided to take clients upon returning. A previous labor tub client referred her sister to me and we had such a great connection that I decided to take her as my first and only midwifery client until my son was a few months old. Even though I was pregnant I took care of her and her family and happily attended to her pregnancy and postpartum.


  • Attended Celebrating Physiological Birth conference 2014
  • Skilled in Bengunk Wrapping and Postpartum Healing Baths
  • Continuing education with Neonatal Resuscitation & Transitions Workshops
  • Maintain Neonatal Resuscitation and Medical Professional CPR Certification current and up to date
  • Apprenticeship in traditional midwifery from September 06- March 2009 with A Special Delivery
  • Attend Midwifery Today Conventions Bi-Annually to continue to have the most up to date education
  • Advanced Arts Midwifery skills certified in various courses 2009


  • Began training in 2006
  • Attended over 200 births